Saree-Sanskriti, Sari Sanskriti


               Sari sanskriti was formed with the joint efforts and thoughts of two in-laws.

Hi, I am Mallika Mukharjee Sarkar, Co-Founder of Sari Sanskriti. Started this dream with my mother-in-law Mrs. Ruma Sarkar.

I am an M.A. history graduate with deep knowledge of Indian Culture and Heritage. To add to it, I have corporate working experience and managing NGO for more than 10 Years.

My Mother In-law is also an Art Graduate with a deep love for fashionable fabric and design. Recently my mother-in-law has developed a skill to unearth social media and how people to people connect happens.

As we are from West Bengal, which is traditionally rich in culture and famous for traditional Bengali outfits and Durga puja.

We thought to showcase all the masterpieces created by our weavers.

But how!

We decided to bring forward a platform which will showcase the beautiful as well as trendy creations made by our beloved weaver’s community.

By working with them we came to understand the aspects of saree making, different fabrics used and efforts put into making different kinds of sarees.

We started with sarees because for all the women, sarees is and will be an evergreen product. Which brings an aspirational value to oneself.

To our young generation only one message from us,

               Sarees are masterpieces. You can look trendy, stylish, sober, beautiful, gorgeous, elegant and sexy. Can any other outfits fits all the billing.

Finally, we present you Sari Sanskriti which will bring quality, stylish and trendy products for all seasons.

Come join us, together we make History – Mallika